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Why no fertilizer can beat BIOHUMUS

Why no fertilizer can beat BIOHUMUS! Adding fertilizer is, in principal trying to trick nature. When we add concentrated nutrients in soluble form we try to make soil more fertile or just get a higher yield. The problem is, it is extremely difficult to get the right amount of nutrients. The efficiency of mineral [...]

Why no fertilizer can beat BIOHUMUS 2018-06-23T09:10:06+02:00

The earthworm and his BIOHUMUS

The earthworm and his BIOHUMUS For millions of years, nature has worked in cooperation with earthworms to produce fertile soil for multiple plant species. Even if we ought to thank the earthworms for their work, nobody has been talking about them. However, nowadays people are starting to think about their exceptional performance and [...]

The earthworm and his BIOHUMUS 2018-06-23T09:10:06+02:00

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