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Since the late 1990s we are working on the best method to produce our Biohumus. The aim is to exceed the expectations of our clients, meet the requirements of the legislator and meet our highest quality standards.

Therefore, the VERMIGRAND method is a multistep process:

Pollutants are not welcome in our Biohumus: This is the reason, we exclusively use material from renewable, sustainable resources like organic certified lucerne hay, hemp and wheat straw. Additionally we use wood debris and the solid digestate from an anaerobe digester, which is fed with renewable resources.
The collected resources go through a thermophilic composting phase. At this stage, the heaps heat up to 65°C (149 °F). It is critical, that the temperature is reached within all areas of the heap. For this reason and for aeration and homogenization, the heap is turned several times with a tractor driven compost turner. The temperature comes from the activity of the microbes, which rot down the organic material. After a short period at this temperature, all weed seeds and pathogens are destroyed and the result is a soft and partly rotten raw compost.
After the period of thermophilic composting, the raw compost is sieved and fed to the earthworms.
Our continuous flow vermicomposting facility VERMIC 3.5 was developed by ourselves. Its unique construction, feeding system and harvesting method make it a valuable tool for large scale vermicomposting operation. Inside the main construction are epigeic earthworms, which stay in the top area, if you manage them well. This gives us the opportunity to harvest at the bottom area without disturbing the worms at the top. After 10-12 weeks, the input raw compost is harvested at the bottom, without containing either worms or worm cocoons. The surface of the wormbed always stays at the same level, because the product harvested at the bottom is balanced by the food spread on top.
The harvested BIOHUMUS is sieved to different sieving grades and can be bagged immediately after sieving, without getting smelly or starting further microbial activity and can be stored up to two years, without any quality loss.

Main benefits of the VERMIGRAND method:

  • Pure uncontaminated feedstock guarantee high quality end product
  • Short but intensive hot rotting phase meets the requirements for hygienisation and those of the legislators
  • Continuous flow, 24/7 operation for all seasons, under all weather conditions
  • Strict separation of input and output area
  • Thoroughly aerated, therefore no anaerobic areas
  • Controlled humidity level, therefore no water saturated areas
  • Facility can be scaled up and automated giving the advantages of economy of scale
  • Automated monitoring equipment and service can be offered by VERMIGRAND
  • Continuous flow vermicomposting operation makes it possible to produce industrial amounts of Biohumus at the same top quality level all through the year
  • BIOHUMUS regenerates tired soils, giving exceptional soil fertility
  • BIOHUMUS produces exceptional plant vigour
  • Harvested BIOHUMUS is free of worms and cocoons
  • Odour free BIOHUMUS making no problems in packaging and stays at the same quality level for years
  • BIOHUMUS is safe for use linked to pets and children
  • Vermicomposting is a true contribution to environment protection, reducing air and water pollution through landfills and restores and enhances soil health and resilience
  • Vermicomposting can be a mayor contributor to control climate change, by capturing carbon in the soil and reducing the need for mineral fertilizer and pesticide use

The VERMIGRAND method is available as a licence.
If you are interested in more information, feel free to » contact us directly.


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