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VERMIGRAND BIOHUMUS – More then just a fertilizer!

It is the most hardworking and smartest worker when it comes to fertile soil for healthy plants: the earthworm. He loosens and aerates the soil, and the gift he produces is a guarantee for healthy vegetables and fruits, thriving plant growth and happy gardeners – BIOHUMUS!

BIOHUMUS is more then just a fertilizer, it is an overall package for easy gardening.
Read » here, why Biohumus is so special.

We employed a vast number of earthworms to produce Biohumus for professional use, and also for private use with garden, balcony or even indoor plants.

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Why do we at VERMIGRAND know that plants love BIOHUMUS? We dug down to find out:

Earthworms coat their burrows with earthworm casting, the BIOHUMUS, a complete package of nutrients, enzymes, humic substances, phytohormones and best of all – the microbial diversity which puts the life back into soils! If plant roots enter an abandoned earthworm burrow, they stop growing forward, but try to enjoy every single area of the burrow to make sure, they get all the benefits from the BIOHUMUS. Party time!

A meta-analysis from University of Wageningen lists, that “on average earthworm presence in agro ecosystems leads to a 25% increase in crop yield and a 23% increase in aboveground biomass!

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