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Why no fertilizer can beat BIOHUMUS

Why no fertilizer can beat BIOHUMUS!

Adding fertilizer is, in principal trying to trick nature. When we add concentrated nutrients in soluble form we try to make soil more fertile or just get a higher yield.

The problem is, it is extremely difficult to get the right amount of nutrients. The efficiency of mineral nitrogen uptake in general is less then 50%! Already a little bit too much fertilizer pollutes ground and surface water through nitrate leaching and nitrous oxide,[ a greenhouse gas, which is 300 times more damaging than carbon dioxide]. The microbes in the soil are harmed by the fertilizer itself and are not fed by plant root exudates, as long, as there is unnatural nutrient available. The plants are forced to use this nitrate in the soil, which results in high nitrate level in plant biomass.

But nature shows us what is needed for healthy, strong plants: The natural cycle including BIOHUMUS!

VERMIGRAND BIOHUMUS clearly is different from mineral and even organic fertilizers. The resources we use are organic certified, or ecologically valuable material like organic lucerne hay, organic wheat and hemp straw. Additionally, we use wood debris and the solid part of anaerobic digestate coming from renewable resources.

We do not use animal by-products, industrial organic waste or separated kitchen waste. This pays off: VERMIGRAND BIOHUMUS does not only contain the main nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, but also the following agents:

  • a huge biodiversity of soil microbes, which is mobilizing nutrients, which were otherwise not available for the plant. The microbes also help the plant to fight diseases and boost the plant’s own immune system,
  • a great number of trace elements, humic and fulvic acids, phytohormones, enzymes, amino acids etc. for promoting growth and stimulating the immune system,
  • soil aggregates, which are held together by active microorganisms, help to store water and keep enough air in the soil. They also provide space for roots and soil life.
Conventional fertilizing is like, when you put a fully loaded plate on the table. It does not matter if your plant is hungry or not, or which nutrients they really need in a particular situation. In nature, the plant is controlling the nutrient flow, while communicating with the soil microbes. It feeds the microbes with so called root exudates, organic acids, carbohydrates etc., while the microbes are mobilizing nutrients, the plant can absorb.

If the nutrients are already provided as a soluble salt, the plant does not have any reason to feed the microbes. The microbial diversity is weakened. Even if the plant is growing faster, it is becoming weak and is not able to defend itself against diseases and pests. It is the same situation with humans, if we only eat fast food, we are getting big, but at the same time more vulnerable to common diseases of civilisation.

BIOHUMUS helps to reverse this process and re-activates the communication between plants and the soil microbes. This brings back the all important soil life.

The well balanced and complete nutrient pack in BIOHUMUS offers everything a plant needs for healthy and strong growth. Strong also means more resilient. The outer skin (also called epidermis) gets stronger, making it more resistant against plant damage, insect bites (e.g. aphids) and diseases. With such plant vigour, less or no pesticide use is necessary.
The complete pack of nutrients and soil life which BIOHUMUS delivers contains the phytohormones like auxin, gibberellin and cytokinin which are responsible for a faster germination process, stronger root growth and extraordinary healthy fruits and vegetables. A » meta-analysis from University of Wageningen lists, that “on average earthworm presence in agro ecosystems leads to a 25% increase in crop yield and a 23% increase in aboveground biomass”!
The application of VERMIGRAND BIOHUMUS is very easy. A little goes a long way and it is nearly impossible to overuse. The crumb structure and stable soil aggregates prevent sealing and crusting of the soil surface. The roots can easily penetrate the soil. Rain water does not run off, but is absorbed and the soil can breathe. An additional benefit of BIOHUMUS is that it does not smell and is a safe product in contact with children and pets.

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