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Nutrients, phytohormones, humic substances and soil life.

More than just fertilizer! BIOHUMUS delivers a complete solution for healthy, strong plants and happy gardeners. Proven to have worked well, for millions of years!


Organic-universal fertilizer • Macronutrients and trace elements • Mobilizes additional nutrients • improves soil structure • Promotes plant growth • Generates healthy and active soil life • Includes humic and fulvic substances • Includes natural phytohormones • Healthy soil – healthy nutritious plants

Difference from other organic fertilizers

Nearly impossible to overuse • No smell • Safe for use with pets and children • More than just fertilizer (soil life, phytohormones and humic substances) • Can be produced regionally • Comes directly from Mother Nature



Nutrients, phytohormones, humic substances, soil life, reservoir for water and nutrients, structure.

Additional to the benefits of BIOHUMUS, VERMITERRA delivers a huge reservoir to store water and nutrients, provides space for the microbes and provides structure on a long term basis.


Natural soil activator • Refreshes soil • Acts in nutrient balancing • Stores water and nutrients • Increases soil structure • Continuous, long term impact • Supports the nature’s system in the soil

Difference from other soil activators

Nearly impossible to overuse • No smell • Safe for use with pets and children • Organic, mineral rich, all nutrients, diverse soil life, phytohormones, humic substances, storage capacity of water nutrients and microbes, structure • Regional production


Peat free Organic Potting Soil

Nutrients, enzymes, humic substances, soil life, water and nutrient storage capacity, structure and porosity.

Perfect Proportion of fine and course material, well balanced nutrient content and excellent water holding capacity.


Healthy soil life – so much better than peat • Nutrient availability • Water holding capacity • Structural stability • Microbial based soil aggregates • Sustainable production • Long term client satisfaction • Top quality

Difference from other soils

Regional resources • Healthy soil life • Excellent availability of nutrients • Water holding capacity • Structural stability • Biologically stabilized aggregates • Sustainable production • Long term consumer satisfaction • “heavy” quality • difference to other soil substrates • guaranteed peat free • pre-fertilized with BIOHUMUS • also available as a complete raised bed filling package


Compost Worms

Turbocharge your Compost Heap!

  • Enhanced decomposition of the compost heap through earthworm activity
  • No more compost turning
  • Make your own fertilizer



Composting within your raised bed

  • Working with the natural cycle
  • Invisible, no smell, safe
  • No slugs, snails and flies
  • Can be used, even if composting is not allowed
  • Fertilizer production and application at the same time


My Little Farm

Indoor composting

  • For the flat dweller, schools and kindergarten
  • Recycle your food scraps
  • Make your own fertilizer



Active microorganisms

  • For leaf or soil application
  • Soil refreshment the natural way
  • Soil life – proved over millions of years


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My Little Farm, the VERMIGRAND indoor vermicomposting system



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