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Overview of worm composting

Organic waste is put down either on the surface of the ground or shallowly buried. Micro-organisms use it as 'food' and rot it down, and the earthworms (composting worms - e.g. eisenia fetida) process it into useable earthworm biohumus (clay-humus complex). This substance holds water and nutrients, crumbles consistently, contains a great biodiversity of micro-organisms, humic acids, silicic acids, proteins and messenger substances, etc.

Worm biohumus does not damage plants (does not scorch the roots), and it is impossible to over-fertilise with it. Worms go about their business at temperatures of between 15 and 25 degrees centigrade. There must be 60-80% (relative) moisture, and the heap has to be aerobic. A population of compost worms doubles approximately every three months.

Worm humus
Press Release

Double Award for Bio-Earthworms!

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Organic Soil Systems
Our new partner for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the Republic of Northern Ireland
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Envietech 2010
Hazem Malhas and Niki Berlakovits at the stand of VERMIGRAND at the ENVIETECH 2010 in the Austrian center Vienna
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Forschung der Universität von Zvolen
Ecotoxicity of Hydrocarbon-Contaminated Soil Remediated by Vermicompost Tea
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Garden exhibition in Tulln / Danube...
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